Support a Syrian Student Project

This project took shape when we saw that there was a clear need for NGOs to be involved in helping the Syrian students enrolled at Syrian schools.
We are all aware of the horrors of the war in Syria and its impact on Turkey and Europe. The challenge of finding a safe refuge for the millions of Syrians fleeing the country has become a global issue.
Turkey has accepted more than 2 million Syrian refugees to date. Although among the amenities provided in the camps are included free education, limited employment and health services, many Syrian refugees want to come to Istanbul. It is estimated that more than 300,000 Syrian refugees are living in Istanbul today.
Life for the Syrian refugees in Istanbul can be very difficult; there is no free accommodation for them in the city; they have to find somewhere to stay, often paying high rents and struggling to find employment. Children often are sent to work to help the families survive.
There are up to 70 Syrian schools in Istanbul. Many of the schools are in apartment or office buildings. Many of the schools have no gardens, and only limited facilities, lacking even basic needs like equipment or materials.
There are many families who cannot afford the modest fees of the Syrian schools. The children of these families either end up working at full time jobs or begging.
Since 2014 Syrian children have been able to enroll in Turkish schools, thus ensuring that they can benefit from free education. However, there is a two-fold problem when Syrian children enroll in Turkish schools; there is the language barrier, which makes the schools hesitate to enroll the Syrian student. The second problem is that these children can be perceived as outsiders. As a result, they often fail to integrate. The end result is that the Syrian children return to their own schools.
To address this problem, IGETEV has developed the Support a Syrian Student project. Rather than supporting a particular school, Igetev proposes supporting the students themselves. With this project, a modest monthly amount will allow a student, who might otherwise be working, to attend full time education. This project will initially support students from two schools, Ilaf and al Noukhba. However, students from other schools will later be included in the program. The period of support is three years.
IGETEV foundation will oversee the payment of the money to the schools and supervise the student’s education at the Syrian school during the first year. IGETEV will ask for monthly reports from the teachers.
In the second year students will take courses in Turkish language, history and culture while still attending the Syrian school. They will be introduced to Turkish students in a fun and challenging way.
In the third year the Syrian students will be helped to enroll in a Turkish school. The school selected will have been preparing the ground for acceptance of Syrian students with informative lectures about Syrian and the Syrian people. The scholarship for that year will be contributed to the Turkish school.
The Turkish school will commit to continuing to assist in the acceptance and integration of the Turkish and Syrian children.
We are asking for contributions, large or small. However, if you would like to sponsor a student during the entire three-year programme, the cost is a minimum of $50 per month. $50 per month will cover the student’s enrollment in the school for three years. An annual payment can be made ($600), or the entire three years ($1800) can be contributed in one payment.
The student’s progress, the school’s commitment and how the children integrates into their new environment will all be monitored by IGETEV. Donors will be sent report cards from the students every semester.
Thank you